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DestinationDial prefixPrice
San Marino378770.036225
San Marino Fixed3780.032955
San Marino Mobile378660.058485
San Marino Special Services B378550.0333
Sao Tome239901.81125
Sao Tome & Principe Fixed2391.58479
Sao Tome & Principe Mobile239981.47933
Saudi Arabia96690.12144
Saudi Arabia Dhahran966130.113175
Saudi Arabia Fixed9660.117645
Saudi Arabia Fixed Dahran966330.117645
Saudi Arabia Fixed Jeddah966200.117645
Saudi Arabia Fixed Medina966430.117645
Saudi Arabia Fixed Riyadh966120.117645
Saudi Arabia Mobile96650.126795
Saudi Arabia Mobile Aijawwal966500.157665
Saudi Arabia Mobile Mobily966540.157665
Saudi Arabia Mobile Zain966580.163875
Senegal Fixed Expresso221300.502965
Senegal Mobile Expresso221700.502965
Senegal Mobile Orange221770.412515
Senegal Mobile Tigo221760.5901
Serbia Fixed3810.168885
Serbia Fixed Belgrade381110.168885
Serbia Fixed Kosovo381280.10644
Serbia Mobile38160.168885
Serbia Mobile Mts381640.45945
Serbia Mobile Telenor381620.44835
Serbia Mobile Vip381600.46185
Seychelles Fixed2480.58785
Seychelles Islands Premium248980.59625
Seychelles Mobile24850.58785
Seychelles Mobile Airtel24870.58785
Seychelles Mobile Cw248510.58785
Sierra Leone Fixed2320.60375
Sierra Leone Fixed Freetown232220.6075
Sierra Leone Mobile232230.6075
Sierra Leone Mobile Africell232770.588
Sierra Leone Mobile Airtel232760.58725
Sierra Leone Mobile Ambitel232550.588
Sierra Leone Mobile Atlas232560.606
Sierra Leone Mobile Cdma232250.588
Sierra Leone Mobile Cellcom232400.588
Sierra Leone Mobile Comium232330.59775
Sierra Leone Mobile Intergroup232440.588
Sierra Leone Mobile Tigo232300.588
Singapore Fixed650.00897
Singapore Fixed Starhub656400.00897
Singapore Mobile6580.013785
Singapore Mobile Mobileone658100.008625
Singapore Mobile Singtel658120.008625
Singapore Mobile Starhub658110.00846
Slovakia Fixed4210.011565
Slovakia Fixed Bratislava42120.01242
Slovakia Mobile42190.011565
Slovenia Fixed3860.025185
Slovenia Fixed Olo Network A386980.02622
Slovenia Mobile Ipko386490.5175
Slovenia Mobile Mobitel386310.07797
Slovenia Mobile Simobil386300.07797
Slovenia Mobile Tus386700.07797
Solomon Islands Fixed6771.36017
Solomon Islands Mobile677741.34706
Somalia Fixed2520.6261
Somalia Fixed Soltelco252800.6261
Somalia Fixed Stc252220.530115
Somalia Fixed Telcom252120.6015
Somalia Fixed Telesom252250.48735
Somalia Golis252420.4671
Somalia Hormuud252110.48525
Somalia Mobile Onkod25270.6261
Somalia Mobile Somafone252600.642015
Somalia Mobile Telcom252660.43575
Somalia Mobile Telesom252200.50385
Somalia Nation Link252280.70644
Somalia Nationlink252170.61995
Somalia Special Services252300.52755
South Africa270.025875
South Africa Cape Town27210.030015
South Africa Durban27310.030015
South Africa Fixed276140.030195
South Africa Johannesburg27110.030015
South Africa Mobile Cellc276100.05382
South Africa Mobile Telkom278110.07983
South Africa Mobile Vodacom276060.03657
South Africa Mtn Mobile276030.06921
South Korea820.01518
South Korea Fixed82070.019155
South Korea Fixed Seoul8220.013635
South Korea Mobile82120.02709
South Korea Mobile Ktf82160.02778
South Korea Mobile Lg82190.02571
South Korea Mobile Sk82110.02709
South Korea Pns82500.013635
South Sudan Fixed2110.36225
South Sudan Mobile21190.36225
South Sudan Mobile Gemtel211970.30165
South Sudan Mobile Mobitel211900.3255
South Sudan Mobile Mtn211920.37815
South Sudan Mobile Vivcel211950.37425
South Sudan Mobile Zain211910.31365
Spain Fixed340.011385
Spain Fixed Balearic Islands Province348710.011385
Spain Fixed Barcelona Province349300.011385
Spain Fixed Cadiz Province349560.011385
Spain Fixed Cordoba Province349570.011385
Spain Fixed Cuenca Province349690.011385
Spain Fixed Granada Province349580.011385
Spain Fixed Las Palmas Province348280.011385
Spain Fixed Madrid Province349100.011385
Spain Fixed Malaga Province349510.011385
Spain Fixed Santa Cruz Tenerife Province348220.011385
Spain Fixed Tarragona Province349770.011385
Spain Fixed Toll Free349000.012945
Spain Fixed Valencia Center Of Province349610.011385
Spain Fixed Voip34510.011385
Spain Fixed Zaragoza Province349760.011385
Spain Mobile Kpn346440.029505
Spain Mobile Lycamobile346320.029505
Spain Mobile Orange346050.02778
Spain Mobile Telefonica346060.029505
Spain Mobile Vodafone346000.02778
Spain Mobile Xfera346220.02778
Spain Premium34800.011385
Sri Lanka Colombo Lanka Bell941150.16302
Sri Lanka Fixed940.19125
Sri Lanka Fixed Colombo9410.1905
Sri Lanka Fixed Colombo Slt941120.16992
Sri Lanka Fixed Colombo Suntel941140.1812
Sri Lanka Fixed Lanka Bell940050.1905
Sri Lanka Fixed Mtn941170.171645
Sri Lanka Fixed Slt94600.170775
Sri Lanka Fixed Suntel942140.1812
Sri Lanka Lanka Bell942150.184365
Sri Lanka Mobile9470.18165
Sri Lanka Mobile Airtel94750.167325
Sri Lanka Mobile Dialog947650.1587
Sri Lanka Mobile Etisalat94720.1725
Sri Lanka Mobile Hutchinson94780.15525
Sri Lanka Mobile Mobitel94710.168195
Sri Lanka Slt942120.170265
St Helena2902.24781
St. Lucia Fixed17580.2508
St. Martin17210.16491
St. Pierre And Miquelon Fixed5080.3222
St. Vincent And Grenadines Fixed17840.2508
St.kitts And Nevis Fixed18690.24945
St.pierre Miquelon M508550.47178
Sudan Fixed24990.2355
Sudan Mobile249940.2505
Sudan Mobile Areeba249920.2475
Sudan Mobile Kanartel249150.207
Sudan Mobile Now249950.2397
Sudan Mobile Sudatel249110.225
Sudan Mobile Zain249900.23475
Suriname Fixed5970.189
Suriname Mobile597750.252
Suriname Mobile Digicel597710.3945
Swaziland Fixed2680.06408
Swaziland Mobile268770.077625
Swaziland Mobile Mtn268760.23235
Sweden Fixed460.00552
Sweden Fixed Stockholm4680.00621
Sweden Mobile467240.025365
Sweden Mobile Comviq462520.025365
Sweden Mobile H3g466750.025365
Sweden Mobile Spring466760.025365
Sweden Mobile Telenor466740.025365
Sweden Mobile Telia463760.025185
Switzerland Fixed410.01725
Switzerland Fixed Geneva41220.01743
Switzerland Fixed Toll Free418000.01743
Switzerland Fixed Zurich41430.01743
Switzerland Mobile41740.52155
Switzerland Mobile Lycatel417790.1875
Switzerland Mobile Orange41780.141285
Switzerland Mobile Sunrise417600.14853
Switzerland Mobile Swisscom417740.125235
Switzerland Mobile Tele2417720.15198
Syria Mobile96390.143175
Syria Mobile Mtn963940.216
Syria Mobile Syriatel963920.212715

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Connecting the World!
Save up to 90% off your phone bill

Stay in touch with family & business associates

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Nettalk Voice

Auto Attendant / Auto Dialer

Increase Your Sales Productivity

Increase Your Sales Productivity

LoginNo more manual dialing or wasted time listening to answering machines. Increase your sales productivity.

Promote your product or service to thousands of your list of sales leads or clients, overseers or locally. Have them listen to your pre-recorder IVR message and then Press 1 to speak to your agent.

If no one picks up, then your second message containing your opening hours and contact nformation is left on their voicemail, all done automatically.

Auto Dialer

*Auto Dial Topup Fee - ($28.00 Wire Fee) + 0.005 (25%) fee on each minute.

Deposit to (Auto Dial) *Payment Required
$50.00 - (2,000 Minutes - 2.5 cents/minute) $95.00
$100.00 - (5,000 Minutes - 2.0 cents/minute) $162.00
$200.00 - (10,000 Minutes - 2.0 cents/minute) $295.00
$250.00 - (13,500 Minutes- 1.8 cents/minute) $362.00
$500.00 - (31,250 Minutes - 1.6 cents/minute) $695.00
$1,000.00 - (77,000 Minutes - 1.3 cents/minute) $1,400.00
$2,000.00 - (167,250 Minutes - 1.2 cents/minute) $2,700.00
$4,000.00 - (400,000 Minutes - 1.0 cents/minute) $5,400.00


Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Marketing, Press 3 for Billing.

The auto attendant brings several key features together to provide you with the peace of mind to know that your business always appears professional. Inbound calls are automatically answered and greeted with customized menu options. Callers select the correct option and are automatically routed to the correct extension.

With our Text2Speech IVR you no longer have to record your messages and then upload it. Just simple type your message and have the typed mesage read by any male or female voice options. You can also choose from different languages and accents.

Even if your business is small, you can create the appearance of a large company with multiple departments. Simply create extensions that route to a single location.


Auto Attendant/Dialer Text

Nettalk Voice

Calling Plans

300 Minutes$9.99

  • Monthly subscription
  • 14 Countries
  • 300 Minutes Outbound with Unlimited Inbound
  • (2) NORTH AMERICAN Countries USA, USA Mobile, Canada, Canada Mobile
  • (2) EUROPEAN Countries Ireland, United Kingdom
  • (2) CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICAN Countries Brazil, Mexico
  • (6) ASIAN Countries China, China-Mobile, Hong Kong, Hong Kong-Mobile, India, India-Mobile, Singapore, Singapore-Mobile, South Korea, South Korea-Mobile, Thailand, Thailand-Mobile
  • (2) PACIFIC Countries Guam, Northern Mariana Islands

Small Business$49.99

  • Monthly subscription
  • 66 Countries
  • Unlimited Outbound and Inbound calls
  • Includes all the same countries listed in the residential plan, except the plan is sold as such when used in a small business enviroment.

Pay As You Go$0.0

  • No Monthly subscription
  • Unlimited inbound minutes
  • Call any country. See *rates page
  • A Monthly charge will be applied for the phone number associated with the account. The price for the phone number is dependent on the country the number is from
  • Funds must be added to the account balance in order to make and receive calls

Callback Service$5.00

  • Monthly subscription for the phone number associated with the callback account
  • Pay As You Go account

    funds must therefore be added to the account balance to make the account active
  • Website Click-to-Call button
  • Website Vistors enters their phone number
  • Website Vistor's phones rings
  • Your phone rings and call is connected
About Text

Nettalk Voice


  Code Details Products Price Order
1 HT-502

Grandstream HandyTone 502

It features 2 FXS telephone port, dual 10M/100Mbps network ports- (Built-in Router WAN/LAN)

The Grandstream HandyTone 502 is the next generation of powerful, affordable, high quality and manageable IP telephony ATA/IAD for residential users and road-warriors. The HT502 is based on SIP standard and interoperable with most 3rd party SIP compliant devices and software.

2 GXP-1200

Grandstream GXP-1200

The GXP1200 is a very affordable 2-line entry-level SIP phone that delivers excellent sound quality and advanced feature set.

Delivers excellent sound quality and advanced feature set. The GXP1200 supports traditional telephony features such as caller id, call waiting, mute, park, hold, transfer and voicemail as well as advanced enterprise features such as 2 independent SIP accounts, multi-language support, 3-way conferencing, and custom ring-tones for distinctive call handling.

3 GXP2000

Grandstream GXP-2000

Enterprise phone features 4 lines and two Ethernet ports

Feature rich, easy to use, supports integrated power-over-Ethernet and is competitively priced. Expandable, secure and easy to manage, the GXP2000 offers superior audio quality, 4 individual SIP accounts, 7 programmable keys, visual message indicator, full duplex hands-free speakerphone, dual 10M/100Mbps Ethernet ports, intuitive user interfaces, large back-lit graphical LCD display with support for multiple languages, security and privacy protection, screen content customization using XML, automated phone book synchronization with directory server using XML, as well as broad interoperability with most 3rd party SIP products. The GXP2000 is an ideal IP phone for both the small business and the enterprise customer.

4 GXP-2010

Grandstream GXP-2010

4 lines, 18 programmable keys, 3 dynamic context-sensitive XML soft keys, dual switched 10M/100Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet ports with integrated PoE, and a large high-resolution backlit LCD display.

The new GXP2010 Key System IP phone has a new sleek design and delivers excellent call quality and enterprise grade feature set that includes advanced XML capabilities, multi-party conferencing, multi-language support, presence and BLF (busy lamp field), security protection, automated provisioning, and broad compatibility with leading SIP platforms. The GXP2010 offers 4 lines, 18 programmable keys, 3 dynamic context-sensitive XML soft keys, dual switched 10M/100Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet ports with integrated PoE, and a large high-resolution backlit LCD display. As with all models in the GXP Series, this model supports comprehensive voice codecs and SRTP

5 GXP-2020

Grandstream GXP-2020

Executive 6-line IP Phone offers powerful features, 4 XML programmable soft keys, 13 call appearances, integrated PoE, and a new sophisticated design.

The GXP2020 Enterprise SIP phone's new design and enhanced features address the need for an elegant IP handset solution for the executive office at a highly competitive price. The GXP2020 provides excellent voice clarity, a comprehensive set of advanced call features, multi-language support, security protection, automated provisioning, and broad compatibility with leading SIP platforms. The GXP2020 features 6 lines, 7 programmable keys, 4 dynamic context-sensitive soft keys, dual switched 10M/100Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet ports with integrated PoE, a backlit 320x160 high resolution graphic LCD with multi-level grey scales, SRTP and TLS (pending) for privacy protection, as well as secure and automated provisioning for mass deployment. The GXP2020 is the second phone in the GXP Enterprise SIP Phone portfolio. It is ideal for both the executive office and advanced enterprise users.

6 GXV-300

Grandstream GXV-3000

Grandstream IP video phone based on the SIP and H.264 standards.

The GXV3000 IP video phone is an easy and affordable way of communicating face-to-face over any distance. It is ideal for any multi-media communication environment, the virtual office and all IP video communications for business or residential users.


Support SIP 2.0, Support dual 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet ports configurable to operate under either switch or router mode. Powerful video DSP with advanced adaptive jitter control and packet loss concealment technology to ensure superb audio and video quality. Support advanced H.264 base line real-time video codec (at CIF or QVGA resolution and up to 30 frames/second) Support popular voice features including 3 line indicators, full-duplex hands free speaker phone, 3-way conference, etc Support advanced video features including: - High quality 5.6-inch TFTP color LCD panel 2 dimensionally rotable and camera tiltable to allow virtually all viewing angles - Advanced VGA resolution CMOS camera sensor - Anti-flickering - Auto focus and auto exposure - Zoom - PIP (Picture-in-Picture) - Audio mute and camera block (for privacy) - Still picture capture/store/send (VGA Resolution) Support 2 USB (2.0) host ports, 1 audio and 1 video output jack and headset jack Support device configuration via LCD, Web browser or central secure configuration file


Mettalk Voice

Call Features

Call Features

  • FREE Voicemail
  • FREE Speed Dialing
  • FREE Caller ID.
  • FREE Call Transfer.
  • FREE Call Return.*69
  • FREE Caller ID Block
  • FREE Repeat Dialing
  • FREE Do Not Disturb
  • FREE 3-Way calling

Advance Call Features

  • FREE Unlimited Incoming.
  • FREE Web Based Feature Management.
  • FREE Remote Feature Management
  • FREE Enhanced Call forwarding.*
  • FREE Detailed Call Log.*
  • FREE Selection of area codes
  • FREE Downloadable Call Log
  • FREE *0 Announce Account Balance(Money)
  • FREE *2 Announce Account Balance(Minutes)
# Call Features
*0 Announces Money Balance on Account
*2 Announces Minute Balance on Account
*30 Block Caller ID (for all subsequent calls)
*31 Send Caller ID (for all subsequent calls)
Direct IP Calling. Dial "*47" + "IP address". No dial tone is played in the middle. Detail see Direct IP Calling section on page 12.
*50 Disable Call Waiting (for all subsequent calls)
*51 Enable Call Waiting (for all subsequent calls)

Alerts the user of an incomming call while participating in another call, and allows the user to switch back and forth. This is most common on a single line telephone in residential or small business settings, as a multi-line phone system provides the same functionality and more.

When the phone is being used and a second call comes in, the user hears a beep alerting them to the new call. The user can ignore the call, or switch over to it. In most cases, the user would hit the Flash button, or very quickly press and release the on-hook switch. This will switch to the new call, leaving the original caller on hold.

The user can now use the same method to switch back and forth between the two calls. If the currently connected conversation is complete, and the user hangs up, the phone will ring to signal the user that the other caller is still waiting. When the phone is picked up, it will be connected to the remaining conversation.

Depending upon the equipment and service being used, Caller ID may work as well. In this case, the caller hears the beep signaling the second incoming call, and the name and/or number is displayed on a caller ID interface.

*67 Block Caller ID (per call). Dial "*67" + " number ". No dial tone is played in the middle.
*82 Send Caller ID (per call). Dial "*82" + " number ". No dial tone is played in the middle.
*69 Call Return Service: Dial *69 and the phone will dial the last incoming phone number received.
*70 Disable Call Waiting (per call). Dial "*70" + " number ". No dial tone is played in the middle.
*71 Enable Call Waiting (per call). Dial "*71" + " number ". No dial tone is played in the middle.
*72 Unconditional Call Forward: Dial "*72" and then the forwarding number followed by "#". Wait for dial tone and hang up. (dial tone indicates successful forward)
*73 Cancel Unconditional Call Forward. To cancel "Unconditional Call Forward", dial "*73", wait for dial tone, then hang up.
*74 Enable Paging Call: Dial "*74" and then the destination phone number you want to page.
*78 Enable Do Not Disturb (DND): When enabled all incoming calls are rejected.
*79 Disable Do Not Disturb (DND): When disabled, incoming calls are accepted.
*87 Blind Transfer
*90 Busy Call Forward: Dial "*90" and then the forwarding number followed by "#". Wait for dial tone then hang up.
*91 Cancel Busy Call Forward. To cancel "Busy Call Forward", dial "*91", wait for dial tone, then hang up.
*92 Delayed Call Forward. Dial "*92" and then the forwarding number followed by "#". Wait for dial tone then hang up.
*93 Cancel Delayed Call Forward. To cancel Delayed Call Forward, dial "*93", wait for dial tone, then hang up.
# Pressing pound sign will serve as Re-Dial key.

# Call Features
Free 3-way Calling With Nettalk Voice 3 Way Calling you communicate the way you want when you want. It's free with every Nettalk Voice account and easy to use.

Setting up a 3 Way Call couldn't be easier. Dial your first party normally. Then just press the Flash Button or Switch Hook on your phone and dial the second party. Press Flash or Switch Hook again, and you're all connected. It's as simple as that!

Nettalk Voice lets you connect 3 parties anywhere on Earth. Dial Newark, Nairobi, or next door. Nettalk Voice connects you all with ease.

For billing purposes, we treat a 3 Way Call as two separate calls that happen at the same time. So let's say you call a friend in Connecticut, then dial in a pal in Florida. Because your calls are , this 3 Way Call costs you nothing extra. The same is true for pals in Canada.

What if your pals are in London? Any call outside of the US or Canada is billed incrementally based on that area's rate. In this case you would still be responsible for paying the calls charges to London, but there would be no extra fees for making the 3 Way Call.

Like any other calls you make with Nettalk Voice, you can always review your dialing records online in your web account. Each call will show up separately and the number of minutes used to each party will display in a separate row. So you'll always be in control, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Free Repeat Dialing When a number is busy, the repeat dial feature, when activated, will continue to redial until the call is completed. To activate repeat dial, dial 5 and hang up when you get a beep tone signal. Nettalk Voice will ring you back when the number you are calling is available. You may continue to make other calls in the interim.

Toggles between active call and incoming call (call waiting tone). If not in conversation, flash/hook will switch to a new channel for a new call.

Nettalk Voice

Sign Up

Nettalk Voice

Available Country Codes


Please pay attention to the amount of free incoming minutes included into the phone number monthly price. Some blocks of numbers include 2000-3000 free incoming minutes per month, but some does not. If you are looking for a Toll free, US or Canadian number in a particular rate center and the number is not shown in the list, contact us to check the numbers availability with our other offline carriers.

Sorry, the DID selection service is currently unavailable because of uplink error, please come back and try again later or contact us about available DIDs (include country and area codes to you request).


Nettalk Voice


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